Manhood is an asset that cannot be highly priced. It is the chief source of a man’s pride happiness and dignity. It is gift of nature to a man and every body has a full right to possess it in a full measure. A man without manhood good health and vitality is the most miserable creature on the earth. For he is neither a man nor a woman and nor even a eunuch. He lacks courage and ambition he hides his condition from every one. He hides from the societies where there is possibility of meeting a women. The sweet word. “home” has no charm for him such a man often commits suicides since he finds ‘DEATH” preferable than living in the absence of Manhood and vitality.

To be a perfect man it is necessary to possess the following qualities and factors:
1. The proper formation and size of the generative organs
2. The ability to have strong and lasting erection and excitement
3. The possession of sufficient retention to bring about climax in the female before his own climax
4. The presence of abundant healthy, living sperms for the purpose of impregnation.

If any of these factors be lacking in a man he cannot be called a perfect man. But it is said to relate that as things are today the Majority of men are in one or more essentials for normal manhood. And this is made possible by several years of experiments I have prepared a specific known as SEXUAL POWER TABLETS throughout the world.

The use of 200 sexual power tablets can prove all the above qualities and factors in a man to make him perfect and real man.

Professors and doctors throughout the world have discovered that there are certain glands in the body which are the real driving force of life youth and vitality exists upon them. They are responsible for the proper functioning of sexual system. If these glands have weakened either by sexual over excitement by disease, nervousness, loss of appetite, general ill health, chronic masturbation and night pollutions deficiency of blood and semen in the body complete suppression of sexual function for years together, psychic fears and advanced age then rejuvenation is absolutely necessary.

Sexual Power Tablets consist of natural substances and iron. It is a most efficacious preparation against all the sexual weakness mentioned above. In addition it improves Anemia, palpitation of heart and tiredness.

Sexual power tablets will make it possible for you to restore vigor, vitality and health by creating new red and rich blood speedily to strengthen the nerves and most important of all to activate and fortely the weal glands by natural ways and thus restore vigor and youthful vitality equally to men and women.

For complete treatment 200 Tablets of Sexual Power Tablets are sufficient but a recovery can be noticed after the use of 100 Tablets.

As a special favor I am charging all my clients for full course of 200 Tablets for US $ 50/- only.

One Tablet in the morning with a cup of milk or water, one tablet at bed time with a cup of milk or water. It is also advised that for strong and long lasting results take 2 tablets half hour before having intercourse.