A SECRET FORMULA unwritten until now, Remember the KINGS and their fabulous wealth? Even today the tombs of the KINGS yields spectacular quantities of GOLD, SILVER, DIAMONDS AND OTHER PRECIOUS STONES. How did they ever amass these incredible riches? The ANSWER is given in this staringly HIGH POWER INDIAN MAGIC RING. The wearer of this RING gets AUTOMATICALLY anything he wants in his life, for eg MONEY, FAME, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, LOVE, POWER, LUCK and so on, they are all yours if you are wearing the HIGH POWER INDIAN MAGIC RING.

In infinite painstaking detail it tells you how to turn KEY to realize a flood of Riches into your life, how to read, control and dominate other people’s thoughts, actions and attitudes how to gain the power used down through the centuries to change and control your own destiny….how to heal people through the power of psychic energy and rid yourself of illnesses in an amazingly short time….how to understand the seven periodic movements of your LIFE CYCLE and take full advantage of them. All these as well as many other closely guarded ancient secrets hitherto kept under a veil of silence and superstition can now be yours by HIGH POWER INDIAN MAGIC RING.

How is it possible that nobody ever heard of this incredible HIIGH POWER INDIAN MAGIC RING? Don’t worry lots of people have. Only they have kept silent about it for obvious reasons. KINGS, CHIEFS, LORDS and people of big ranks of all over the world used this ring to attain the pinnacle of power. Much later NEOPLEON did the same.

Today ROCKFELLER, ONASSIS, JEAN PAUL GETTY, Howard huges—all tremendously successful people who started out very poor life-they are very few of the people who have used the power of this RING with staggering results. Now you too can avail. This is the chance you have been waiting for. Do not miss it.

The universe is like an ocean. The great tides move through it invisibly and men are swept about them, but are sometimes strong enough and clever to master and use them. This is precisely why this ring has been brought into the light of the world. This RING will make you knowledgeable enough and clever to understand the invisible currents that move through the great fabric of the universe and to enable to subject them to your will and control. Though we do not wish to make exaggerated claims. This RING will simply through wearing will make you a master and the controller of your own destiny.

If you cannot see the light from where you stand, perhaps you have been standing behind a pillar all this time. The appropriate time has now come for you to knock off aside the pillar which has been obstructing your success all these days and if you cannot knock off this pillar at least move out from behind it and see what all awaits you in this universe.

Through the Gracious help of great GURU(SAGE) this hidden RING is brought out with a bold assert that no man has upon this world can pass away unnoticed. No body is to bear a perpetual burden of privation and to court death as the ultimate resort beyond also suffering. This word of happiness is equally desired to be shared by all, but here are many who pine for it and in the long run fall a victim to relentless time not even able to make both the ends meet the other flourish happily in the lap of luxury and pleasure and roll on the bed of wealth.

On the hold of this GREAT RING after the performance of necessary ceremonies does not fall a prey to any serious malady, his life may be extended to one hundred years, fire, water, and air cannot tarnish or destroy this person. He will never fall in any danger of calamity. Spirits, Demons, Evil of bad luck, Evil spirits, Ghost, Black Magic will submit to him and never dare do any harm to him, the house containing such a Ring always pass their time in safety. The nine planets always smile upon them and even KINGS bear submission.

This mysterious Ring is the best filler of all desires, fear, Griefs Misseries etc, cannot approach to the door of the wearer. A person accounted with the RING may turn the council to see his opposers turn dumb and loose the power of speech. It is the desire of the great GURU (SAGE) rather my behest that every person of means should hold this great RING which is permanent in stopping premature death. It is a river of vast wealth and reputation apenerial sources of fame and prosperity and the great amulet and charm of the world. Hold this RING and make your life Glorious and great Efficacious. Life long and Durable.

The cost of this power is too great but because on the special request of the world I am charging all the devotees only a little amount of Dollars $150-00 or BRITISH STERLING POUNDS 100-00