The great gift of Prophecy Moses performed his wonders before King Pharoah and the stretching out of his hands by which he divided the water of Red Sea (Exodus XII* 16)
The same gift of Prophecy was given to others by Moses, again various condition of clairvoyance are clearly described by Moses (Number XII-2-8) and today the same great gift of prophecy is with you in the shape of ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MYSTERIOUS ROSARY and pray on each bead of the Rosary. The secret Ancient Arabic words of prayer that was sent by God through the Angel to his Messengers to end the worries of the people who were suffering in the world.

After great research I have found the original formula of ANCIENT EGYPTION ROSARY AND SECRET ARABIC WORDS OF PRAYERS which was gifted by GOD to Moses so that no more human being will suffer on this earth so today order this ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MYSTERIOUS ROSARY AND ANCIENT SECRET ARABIC WORDS OF PRAYERS on each bead see the changes, wonder and success in your life. The Holy Rosary and Arabic words of prayer will be sent along with the Rosary, on the hold of the Rosary and words of prayer which is for life time you will achieve success from all the sides.

(1) On the hold of this Holy Rosary and Holy words of prayer you will be saved from the weakness of nerves, pain in bones, dimness of sight.

(2) On the Hold of this Holy Rosary and Holy words of prayer you will live a respectable life with comfort so that almost every undertakings will eventually produce good fortune and will experience good even from the appearance of evil while on the contrary if the enemy tries to attack the holder of the Rosary who attempts to deprive the wealth and honor shall know sorrow and trouble if they will try to do any harm to you, for common enemies, evil person conspire to render you unfortunately, if enemies wait for an opportunity to over throw you, if they pursue you in order to harm you or if incure the will of enemies whose cunning power and revenge you have no reason to fear after you are holding this Holy Rosary and Holy words of prayers.

(3) The Holder of this Holy Rosary and Holy words of prayers will be praying the ancient secret Arabic words of prayers he will win a fortune, it works like a miracle of helping people to win football, pools, bango, racing and to become rich as the time will pass and the prayers will effect your stars, the seemingly impossible fact made possible by the great deep meditation and mighty power of daily prayers. The mother and father who have lost their children repeatedly due to abortion or death between the first month and fifth year of the child will find this highly affection in resorting affection to the house hold constructing once health and longevity of the child. The Great prayers will get you immense wealth honors with a little struggle. The goodness always resides at his or her house and gives him or her son, vast wealth long life all round prosperity and fame. It can give even a bigger wealth as kings, For quick sales progress in trade and to gain plenty of customers. You will be saved from Court cases, being without refusal to hold a man or women to your love or obedience forever and look any other subject that you desire.

(4) Never before in the History of the world any spiritualist mystic or magician has ever invented a formula whose magic powers has impregnated with such magnetic power Rosary as to perform wonders. The great power is a divine boon to students and scholars who fails in many important subjects.

(5) Do you know that dogs and cats see the other side of the wall, yet these are parts of the magic formula you can in the long run see through the secret powers of the Rosary and prayers all that you desire even the soldiers of (Pharoah) who are still under the Red Sea can be seen with your naked eye in the long run.

(6) With the effect of the prayers you will remember anything you think without delay. Fishermen to be successful in their business, success in school examinations, the travelers and drivers will avoid the accidents, people will respect and fear you and will retain your present post to a big rank post.

(7) The famous Rosary with the remarkable and prayers representating that Jesus rising from the tomb with five wounds symbolize the five senses through which the Rosary works as the holders wishes. Jesus went his way the five senses through which we have the power of wonding our Lord by yielding to the temptation of flesh and Devil we regard as an efficacious Rosary with the prayers against misfortune and Evils. Influenced inside the Rosary with the power against misfortune and Evils. Influenced inside the Rosary with the power the three kings of Cologne of the magic.

8) The holder of this Ancient Rosary and Ancient Arabic Words of prayers will be young even at the age of 70 years. It makes you younger everyday, even at death it makes people to love you. Both young and old rich and poor it magnetizes that people will draw to you at once irresistible. By the help of the prayers, it cures impotency night and day, discharges diseases arised from the semen, the holder of the Rosary gets rid from diseases old asthmatic syooses tuburculosis and gastric pains and cures Kidney trouble and sorofuia and cancer, heart attack etc and lives for hundred years. The rosary is the only thing which is the thing that is valuable to the student, it gives a distinct knowledge in studies remembrance many students and naughty boys become quite and settles the mind of the students, also it keeps safe from snake bites, it cures rats and insects more over it cures fever. To see Draws in Vision during nights and sleeping periods. Also this great rosary and the prayers that accomplishes sleeping periods. Also this great rosary and the prayers that accomplishes one thousand different purpose that you desire at the time of praying, keep it in your mind and you will see that with the grace of GOD all that you wish will be yours.

The cost of this ANCIENT EGYPTIAN ROSARY AND ANCIENT SECRET ARABIC WORDS OF PRAYER is unlimited. But as a special favour to the worried people of the world as I am not helping the people of the world for the sake of money but for the sake of GOD.

I will charge you a little amount of US $150