Chages the water into Holy water and turns the Holy water as a cure and gets mercy of GOD upon mankind.

The holy bowl is engraved with holy words into it and great holy powers are infused into it, this bowl will charge in one full night and will change ordinary water into holy water, the person who will hold the holy water bowl will live for 100 years with good health and long life without any tensions or worries of developing any evil sickness, this bowl is a life saving boon to one who is holding it, by putting water in it and drinking it every morning will destroy all the evil spirits that are in the body, it will free all the evil magic powers done by the enemies, it will destroy all kinds of poison that is developed in your body by the enemies powers, it will keep the effects of air and water away from you, accidents and gun killers will be away from you, all the evil and wicked sickness such as Aids, Blood Pressure, Parkinses, Brain Hamerage, Eyesight weakness, Cancer and many such dreadfull diseases that destroys the human life will be far from the one who is drinking daily the HOLY WATER from the HOLY BOWL.

The cost of this SPIRITUAL HOLY BOWL IS VALUELESS, to release the human beings from developing such evil diseases, I am charging a small amount of $100, so that every person can hold it and be saved and will over come worries that can roll any man, any women any day any moment and destroy his future into darkness, so order today, Send $100 US DOLLARS cash by Air Regestered Post or by Western Union Money Transfer, and hold THE SPIRITUAL BOWL and sleep without any worries and tensions.