(1) Correct Diagnosis.
(2) Easy and comparatively inexpensive treatment of the most complicated ailments.
(3) Hakims (Indian doctors) never prescribe such deadly chemicals as Aspiria, which is the main cause of heart failure.
(4) By the Indian system of treatment, all the vital organs like heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and stomach are strengthened.
(5) Indian medicines bring up a lasting and permanent cure.
(6) Indian medicines act slowly but effectively.
(7) Indian medicines do not have any sort of after effects and harmful reactions.

Good health radiant complexion, freedom from aches and pains and strength to eye are the fruits it bears.
The whole of Europe, America and African continent is hunting after the lost youth, Rejuvenation, without the most expensive and almost useless glandoperations, is possible only by the Indian system of treatment.
On turning the pages of this website you will find the most effficatious scientific medicines for nerves, eyes, lungs, brain, kidneys, blood-pressure, virile power and the diseases of women and children etc.
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