Do Not Exhaust Your Brains, Get Your Brains Intelligent

Motive force in nerve activity lies in the brain and sympathetic nervous system. Now from here the nerve force is supplied to all the important structures of the body such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, ears, eyes, etc and joins up the cerebo-spinal system of nerves by means of definite nerve connections. This nerve force when weakened and diseased the patient is subjected to many mental, bodily ailments and calls for proper treatment.
Indian Medicines have been used for years to remove all the troubling symptoms relating to brain such as drowsiness, brain fag, dizziness, tiresome, feeling, mental disorders, irritability and depression.

Indian Medicines are the soverign tonic for schooling children, barristers, masters, professors and people appearing for higher examination.

SUPER BRAIN TABLETS contain the effective components of the herb Myristica in combination with Silver-Oxide made most efficacious by new SUPER BRAIN TABLETS, are the only remedy to be taken internally that develops nerve activity in cases of brain weakness and mental disorder .

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