Diabetes Millitus is that form of diabetes where there is sugar present in the urine. In ordinary course of events when starches are digested in the small intestine, the resultant glucose (sugar) is carried by the blood to the liver with only a small amount of sugar left in the blood at any one time. In Diabetes Millitus however more than this minimum amount of sugar remains in the blood and the kidneys get rid of as much of the excess as they can, by excreting it in the urine.

No doubt this disease is really one of the faulty nutritional balance wherein the pancreas, the liver and the kidneys are all believed to be involved. But defect in the tip of the pancreas medically known as “Islands of Langerhans” is considered to be basically responsible for passing increased quantity of sugar in the urine.
In exactly such a condition Indian Medicines show itself as its best in as much as it stimulates the pancreas, restores it to normality and helps to increase the secretion of insulin. Indian Medicines are therefore a scientific treatment for Diabetes Millitus. It may also be given in Diabetes Insipidus with equally satisfactory results.

The cost of the full course of one month is US $40