Most careful series of trials have shown that Indian Medicines are reliable cure with no undesirable reactions such as may be encountered now and again in other preparations.
Indian Medicines have the most effective components of the herbs Solanum-Gecuini, Long Peppers in combination with a new calcium oyster in (Alchymized form), It is the only remedy to be taken internally that developes a specific positive action in case of asthama and bronchitis and prevents or checks and attacks. The object of this combination is not only to alleviate the suffering and give prompt relief to the patient but ultimately to remove the root cause and effect the final cure. This preparation is methodically balanced on Alchymized base and so suitably chosen that the same therapeutic effect is obtained with less quantities of drug then is usually the case, specially as the components of Extc, S. Gecuini. Extc, L. Pepper and Cal-Oyster mutually support one another. Cal Oyster is universally used in other form for relief in Asthama and has proved to be indispensable on account of the prompt action while Extc;L. Pepper makes itself felt by reducing the tore of the stomach and the intestine as well as removing all tendencies towards spasma and contraction thereby eliminating entirely the spasmodic contraction of the bronchial tubes in Asthama. Indian Medicines can be safely used in all types of bronchtal disease.

The cost of the full course of one month is US $40