Pulmonary tuberculosis or consumption of the lungs, is one of the most dreaded of diseases, and is universally known as the “White Plague” because of the colossal amount of mortality it has brought in its train.
It is supposed to be due to infection by the tubercle bacillus, and although many parts of the body may be affected, it is the lungs which are the usual seat of the disease. Bad housing and wretched conditions of works, lack of sun-shine and fresh air, the devitalizing of the system through excess and abuse, overwork, defective nutrition etc, are all given as predisposing factors in the development of tuberculosis.
It is generally believed that tuberculosis is a disease due to germ infection, yet it is also admitted that the disease will not take root in any persons organism indiscriminately, but depends upon a considerable devitalisation of the system which is the chief factor concerned all the time, and not the germs, let it be borne in mind that we are not only exposed to infection by the tubercle bacillus at every time, but actually have these germs within our system all the time without the slightest apparent harm in the great majority of cases. Therefore, it is only where the vitality of the organism has been brought to a low ebb, through various causes that the germs begin to assert their way and tuberculosis is said to be beginning. Well then it is the devitalisation that comes first always, and the germs activity afterwards as a direct consequence.

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