High Blood pressure is one of the disease the past fifty years have produced, and it is the direct outcome of modern ways of living. Wrong feeding, excessive drinking, smoking and wrong habits of living generally are its direct precuresers. It makes its appearance in middle life as the outcoming of a gradual silting up of the arteries with a steady accumulation of toxic matter brought there during the passage of years by a heavily toxic-laden blood stream.

The more the arteries are clogged with toxic waste, the harder will have to be the force exerted by the heart in its efforts to pump the blood through the arterial channels in its passage round the body, so in this way arises the modern phenomenon of High Blood pressure.

After years of intensive research and extensive experiments clinical tests, Indian Medicines are the best solutions to combat this abnormal conditions of blood pressure, Its curative action on the endocrine glands is of the foremost importance as it regulates the secretion of these ductless glands. This normalization not only eliminates the toxic matter from the system, but also lends flexibility and elasticity to the blood vessels. In this way arteries and heart both are relieved of the hard work they have to do in sending out the blood for the circulation in the body and the sufferer is declared as cured and fit to enjoy a normal life.

Smoking, drinking, overeating and the eating of rich dogging foods, condiments, sauces, pickles strong tea and coffee should be rigorously cut out from the daily dietary. The eating of white sugar and its products too is a big factor in the setting up of high blood pressure. Therefore, their use may also be avoided to ensure speedy recovery.

The cost of complete course of one month is US $40